game with real ferrofluid animations for #CoronaDefoldJam

use android touch device or mouse in HTML5 game

if interested in progress (game with real ferrofluid animations), take a look at :)

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Published 26 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android, HTML5


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Click download now to get access to the following files: 8 MB
Ferrofluid the 5 MB
Mac Ferrofluid the 6 MB
Android optimized build Ferrofluid the 8 MB
Win Ferrofluid the 6 MB
Android 28 09 Ferrofluid the 19 MB
MAC 28 09 Ferrofluid the 16 MB
WIN 28 09 Ferrofluid the 16 MB
HTML5 28 09 Ferrofluid the 15 MB
30 09 Jam Final Android Ferrofluid the 19 MB
30 09 Jam Final Mac Ferrofluid the 17 MB
30 09 Jam Final Win Ferrofluid the 17 MB


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Playing in browser. The game doesn't restart when I get "Game Over". Also, maybe have the bubble grow in size as you collect the fluids so there is a progression of difficulty? It will make it harder to avoid the magnets the longer you play.

yep, thank you for reply :)

it's just base version with no all features that I want presentented. i really like the idea about growing :)

i hope in the nearest time (before the end of the jam) i implement sound, restarting and more new animations and mechanics :)